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Healthy Heart Cardiac Rehab Program

Cardiac Rehabilitation Services are designed to help patients with Heart Disease recover faster and achieve optimal health. You can benefit from cardiac rehab if you:

  • Have coronary artery disease, such as angina, or have had a heart attack.
  • Have had heart surgery including coronary bypass surgery, or heart valve surgery.
  • Have had a heart transplant.
  • Have multiple-risk factors.

BCH's Cardiac Rehab Program is closely monitored cardiovascular conditioning program that includes education (including risk factor modification, stress management, and dietary management) and exercise tailored to your abilities and limitations. Together with registered nurses trained in  exercise physiology, consulting dieticians, pharmacists and Cardiologist, Cardiac Rehab can help you feel better faster, get stronger, learn what is beneficial and safe, reduce weight, control blood pressure, reduce stress and stop smoking.

To learn more, contact Brown County Hospital's Cardiac Rehabilitation Services Department at 402-382-1454.