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Brown County Hospital Laboratory offers a wide array of diagnostic and screening test.

Brown County Hospital Laboratory moved into its new location in the front of the hospital in the spring of 2008.  Our new location is easy and convenient for out patient services.

'The Dimension Xpand Plus chemistry analyzer was purchased in April 2008.  We are able to run 30 tests including specialized tests needed for our chemo therapy patients to drug levels needed in a life or death situation.

Our laboratory has a menu of 56 different tests available from a simple urinalysis to cross matching blood.  Our blood bank is stocked with 16 units and rotated with United Blood Services every 2 weeks. 

Our community blood drive for UBS is vitally important as there is always a shortage.  We'd like to say special thanks to Sheri Gann who heads up the yearly drive for BCH and to Rylee and Martha for helping with calling and scheduling.
Brown County Hospital Laboratory serves as a Collection site for Paternity Testing as well as Pre-employment and Random Drug Testing for many companies.
Brown County Hospital is taking part in the fastest-growing sector in healthcare by implementing the lab information system (LIS), which is part of an integrated informatics solution or Electronic Health Records (EHR).  A lab information system ("LIS") is a class of software that receives, processes, and stores information generated by the medical laboratory.  These systems interface with instruments and other information systems such as the hospital information systems (HIS).  LIS systems eliminate the chance of transcription error because all tests are entered in to the system by a 7 digit number located on the bar code.  This 7 digit number includes the patient name, doctor, date of birth, draw date, tests ordered by the physician, and the proper tube color required for the test.  Once the bar code is placed on the tube, the information cannot be altered from the time the specimen is spun down, placed in the machine, and results are sent across electronically from the instruments to the computer.  After careful review for any critical flags, the results are faxed to the physician or released to the computer at the nurse's desk.  The entire automated process enhances patient safety, productivity and profitability.
Deb Weiss - MT (ASCP) - Laboratory Supervisor - Licensed by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists; Licensed Limited Scope Operator, Performs low, moderate and high complexity laboratory testing.
Deborah Lauer - MT (ASCP) - Licensed by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists;  Licensed Limited Scope Operator; Performs low, moderate and high complexity laboratory testing.
Donna Fletcher - Laboratory Aide; Licensed Limited Scope Operator; Performs low and moderate complexity laboratory testing and performs general x-ray procedures.

From left: Donna Fletcher, Deb Weiss and Deb Lauer