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The Brown County Hospitals “Booster Committee” was formed in 1996 to provide moral support and public relations for the hospital and its employees. It is comprised of several members from the various departments within the hospital campus. Throughout the year the Boosters coordinate various fundraising projects and community activities to promote a positive teamwork atmosphere.   
The Boosters organize several fundraising events and community activities:
·         Fundraising meals for the employees, organized by different departments each time
·         Local Parades
·         Nachos at Arts in the Park
·         Holiday Bake Sales
·         Special Events as they arise
Projects the Boosters help support:
·         Scholarship Program to assist local students pursuing advanced degrees in all areas of medicine
·         Annual Volunteer Appreciation Tea
·         Employee Christmas Party
·         Employee Appreciation Events
The Mission of the Brown County Hospital Volunteer Booster Committee is to enhance quality of care through effective communication in a healthy teamwork atmosphere. We wish to promote positive relations within our hospital, community, and in the surrounding communities that we serve. We will work together as a team with good communication and positive attitudes.