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Board of Trustees Regular Meeting
Brown County Hospital Conference Room
Monday, August 26, 2013

3:00 p.m.


A regular meeting of the Brown County Hospital Board of Trustees was held Monday, August 26, 2013.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Mike Kreycik, at 3:00 p.m.  Other members in attendance were Mike Schrad, John Gross, Ann Fiala and Ryan Welke.     Also attending were Shannon Sorensen – CEO, and Lisa Fischer – Recording Secretary.

Mike Kreycik announced that a copy of the open meetings act is located on the counter in the Conference Room. 


There was no public input. 

Randy Hoffman, representative of Seim Johnson, LLP, was in attendance to present the FY12-13 audited financial statement and cost report.   


Consent agenda items were submitted for the Board’s review, including minutes of the previous regular meeting, Medical Staff and Medical Staff Subcommittee minutes, Quality Improvement Minutes, Corporate Compliance/ HIPAA minutes, payment of current bills, patient census statistics and financials, as well as Department Manager minutes.   Shannon Sorensen reviewed key information presented in the statistical and financial reports and questions were addressed. Ann Fiala made a motion to approve the consent agenda John Gross seconded this motion.  Roll call vote:  John Gross – Aye.  Mike Schrad – Aye.  Mike Kreycik – Aye.   Ann Fiala – Aye.   Ryan Welke – Aye.  Motion carried.    


Shannon presented the board with a Quality Update and review of the MBQIP report for 2012 was accomplished.   

A Strategic Plan Update was presented, noting progress made in recruitment efforts and goals that have been met to date as established in the annual strategic plan document.        

Shannon shared with the group provisions of the 340(b) Drug Discount Program.   She noted that we previously registered for the program and will be recertifying and anticipate active participation in the near future.   

The FY12-13 Financial Assistance Program report was reviewed with the board members.

 Shannon Sorensen informed the group on progress made in grant reporting for the e-Pharmacy and e-Emergency programs.   

Board assessment forms were distributed with the board packets, including a board member self-evaluation, meeting evaluation and mini board assessment survey.  The group was asked to complete the forms and turn them into Shannon prior to the next meeting. 

 Shannon reported that a massage therapist recently contacted us wanting to rent space in our specialty clinic building so she can provide services in our community.  Shannon will be in contact with her to finalize details of the arrangement. 

Shannon also noted that we are currently working on establishing a shared birthing program with Dr. Banks out of O’Neill and Dr. Miller out of Kearney.   The program would enable us to work jointly with a delivering physician by providing pre-natal visits to mothers, as well as taking over post-delivery care.   


The initial appointment for medical staff privileges to the consulting staff for Sean Takeuchi, MD was reviewed.   Dr. Takeuchi was recommended for appointment by the Medical Staff at their August 14, 2013 meeting.   John Gross made a motion to approve the initial appointment of Sean Takeuchi, MD to the Consulting Staff of Brown County Hospital.  Ryan Welke seconded this motion.  Roll call vote:  Mike Schrad – Aye.  John Gross – Aye.  Mike Kreycik – Aye.  Ann Fiala – Aye.  Ryan Welke – Aye.  Motion carried.

 The final C-arm demonstration was held recently and Shannon informed the board that we are ready to move forward with making a purchase at this time.  Discussion was held on the cost and capabilities of the machine that is currently inhouse and those that were previously demonstrated.  Ann Fiala made a motion to purchase the GE C-arm as recommended by administration.  Mike Schrad seconded the motion.  Roll call vote:   Mike Schrad – Aye.  John Gross – Aye.  Mike Kreycik – Aye.  Ann Fiala – Aye.  Ryan Welke – Aye.  Motion carried.


Compliance Expectations & Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training materials as prepared by United Healthcare were distributed to the group and reviewed.  Shannon pointed out the Seven Elements of an Effective Compliance Program and explained how our organization meets those requirements.

 Shannon informed the group of the Nebraska Rural Health Leadership Conference scheduled to be held in Kearney on Wednesday and Thursday, September 18-19.   If interested in attending please contact Shannon for further information and registration.

 Shannon gave an NHA Legislative Recap presentation and discussed the annual NHA Political Action Committee’s contribution drive.  The review included the 2013 Nebraska Hospital Association priorities, recently proposed legislation, reimbursement concerns, and the uncertainty in the insurance exchange/marketplace.


At 5:45 p.m. a motion was made by John Gross to enter into executive session for legal review and recruitment discussion.  Ann Fiala seconded this motion.  Roll call vote:   John Gross – Aye.   Mike Schrad – Aye.  Mike Kreycik – Aye.  Ryan Welke – Aye.  Ann Fiala – Aye.  Motion carried.    At 6:20 p.m. Mike Kreycik made a motion to come out of executive session.  This motion was seconded by Mike Schrad.   Roll call vote John Gross – Aye.  Ryan Welke – Aye.  Mike Schrad – Aye.  Mike Kreycik – Aye.   Ann Fiala – Aye.  Motion carried.

 There was no further business to discuss and the meeting adjourned at 6:20 p.m.


Ann Fiala, Secretary                                                                Lisa Fischer, Recording Secretary